There's Another Darren Sharper Rape Investigation In Miami Beach

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A new investigation surrounding Darren Sharper has cropped up in Miami. According to reports, Sharper is under investigation for sexual battery by Miami Beach police stemming from a report filed in January, and further, was linked to an incident in 2011 that sounds very similar to the allegations he's facing now.


Details on the open investigation in Miami Beach aren't available (Updated, see below), though it would represent the fifth state that Sharper's been accused in. The incident in 2011 involved two college women from Georgia in Miami Beach for spring break. They passed out at Sharper's condo, and woke up to either Sharper or his brother exposing himself and "behaving inappropriately." They were examined for sexual battery, but no evidence was found.

That fits the profile for the other police reports attached to Sharper, which followed a basic pattern: Sharper allegedly would party with a few women, leave with them, offer them shots containing morphine and Ambien, and sexually assault them once they were unconscious.

While there are several open investigations involving him, Sharper's only been charged in Los Angeles, where he faces four counts of furnishing a controlled substance, two counts of rape by use of drugs, and one count of possession of a controlled substance. The investigation in Arizona has taken a weird turn, however, because the police report says that the women involved were at a club called The Mint with Sharper for a few minutes, but surveillance doesn't show him at the club, and several employees say they didn't see him there that night.

Sharper is set to be arraigned today (Feb. 20) in Los Angeles, after originally appearing in court on Feb. 14, but not entering a plea. He's been free on $200,000 bail since, although the District Attorney has requested that bail be raised to $10 million.

Update: According to the police report, acquired by TMZ, the woman in Miami Beach originally reported the incident to the police on Jan. 19, though the incident allegedly happened on Sept. 27. It tells a story similar to the other accusations. She and some friends went to Sharper's condo, and became very intoxicated. She eventually passed out, and woke up to him sexually assaulting her. She went to a doctor for treatment, but only reported it once she saw Sharper on TV, being arraigned for the case in Los Angeles.


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