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Screenshot: CFL

No quarterback wants to throw an interception, but Jonathon Jennings of the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks endured a special indignity in Thursday’s game, when he tossed a first-quarter pick to an opponent who was freaking twisted. Jennings’ errant pass was snagged by Calgary Stampeders cornerback Robertson Daniel, and when cameras cut from Jennings’s defeated face, they settled on Daniel’s celebration—only to reveal that the former BYU standout was rocking full Joker face paint under his helmet:


Here’s a closer look:

You wanna know how Robertson Daniel got those scars? Probably from years of playing professional football, although that’s hard to confirm. This appears to be the first time that he has donned the Joker’s signature white face paint, or any other kind of comic book-inspired get-up for that matter. (May we suggest going the full Finn Balor and donning a Venom paint job next?)

Daniel was a practice squad journeyman in the NFL—playing for the Raiders, Packers, Skins, and Ravens—before heading to Calgary this season. He has three picks in five games with the Stampeders so far, but none more important to the general well-being of the world than his Joker-assisted INT. You know what they say: If you’re good at something, never do it for free, or without looking like a lunatic.


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