Scoreless soccer games can be terribly boring. Like any long car ride, though, there are distractions for the monotony: songs, chants, popcorn, beer, "the wave"—and also, sex in public.

Just 16 minutes into a 0-0 draw at Hoffenheim's Rhein-Neckar-Arena on Saturday, two fans in the FC Bayern Munich section opted for coital diversion. The wave was not enough. It was a sell-out, so they technically had some cover here, but that of course assumes that the people standing directly next to them wanted to see them have sex in public. In fact, they just wanted to surreptitiously snap some pictures on their camera phones, and then report them to security.

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"I thought it did not look right," a reader-reporter told Bild. "They had absolutely no inhibitions. Both pulled their pants down and went at it. "The people around them apparently were not disturbed."

It did not take long, however, for arena staff to intervene.

"The ushers noticed the commotion and urged the two to stop immediately."

Which they did, for a bit:

The couple co-operated at first but resumed their exhibition at the half-time interval and were ejected from the stadium under threat of arrest for public indecency.


There are more (NSFW) photos over at Sportal. Those shots suggest that the Bayern exhibitionists had not learned anything from the C-Roll exhibitionists, who all sought out distant corners of the stadium for their diversions. But in this case, that probably was not the point.