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• We would LOVE to be in a fantasy league with the people on ESPN's Fantasy Draft Special last night. [Winning The Turnover Battle]
• Ari Fleischer is lobbying for aluminum bats now. [Bugs And Cranks]
• One must keep one's Travis Henrys straight. [FanIQ]
• How good a job has Tony LaRussa done this year? [
• Ted Ginn talks to his foot. [Fins Nation]
• The AL Central is an odd division, kind of. [Sweet Home Sports]
• The seven athletes who threw their career away. [Sons Of Sam Malone]
• Eli and Tiki: Fight! [Ghosts Of Wayne Fontes]
• Phillies fans, getting awfully nervous about Cole Hamels. [The 700 Level]
• One fun night of minor league baseball. [One More Dying Quail]
• Flying taxis at the Super Bowl. [Uwe Blog]
• Now this is a pitch name. [Babes Love Baseball]


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