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For guys who find compression shorts too restrictive on their junk, there's good news. You can buy these support shorts with an optional dick pouch. Leave essentially nothing to the imagination!

Gilmore Support Shorts are apparently designed to help athletes avoid straining body parts while training. With the dick pouch, the genitals can be isolated to prevent possible injury.

The product description is less blunt:

The shorts can be worn daily when training, or playing. They support the groin and adductor regions, pubic symphysis, pelvis, hip flexors and lower back.

They help to stabilise the pelvis and control the inguinal (groin) region. The groin and pelvic areas are vulnerable to injury from overstretching, sudden movement, running and excessive kicking. The shorts encourage core stability and maintain warmth, comfort and control to the areas where most groin and adductor injuries occur.

But yeah, dick pouch.

Poor Wilfried Zaha. He does not want to be there. He knows you can basically see his dick in the pubic symphysis support:


[Fox Soccer]

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