These two Wichita State fans weren't going to let a 12 a.m. start time get in the way of them watching their beloved Shockers put a hurting on Western Kentucky. While other ladies their age were sleeping soundly after enjoying a 4 p.m. dinner, these two heroes were housing an energy drink and watching basketball in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

After the game, these ladies likely spent a few hours wandering the streets of Wichita like a couple of college kids on a bad coke binge.

"Madge. Madge. Madge, listen. Madge! I think we did too much. We definitely did too much. I can't feel my face!"

"Hey, hey, look at me. Lookit me. We're cool, OK? Everything's cool. We're gonna go get pancakes, and then everything is gonna be cool. OK?"