So far this year, we’ve posted 1,619 videos to our Facebook, our Twitter, and on (We’re on Instagram now too, go follow us!) Those videos racked up a total of 86,903,346 views and 41,503,500 minutes of viewing. (That’s 79 years’ worth.) As always, we thank you for your support; here are 2017's top 17 videos:

17. Yuli Gurriel Under Fire For Possible “Slant-Eye” Gesture After Homering Off Yu Darvish [Update] (967,570 views)

16. “This Is An Utter Embarrassment” (971,733 views)

15.“It’s-A Me! Mario!” (979,875 views)

14. Oscars Fuck Up Best Picture Announcement [UPDATES] (989,667 views)

13. You’re Playing Kansas, Dipshit (991,403 views)

12. Last Night’s Winner Was This Packers Fan At A Bears Draft Party (1,032,953 views)

11. Mike Mitchell Screams As Officials Deny His Pleas (1,232,704 views)

10. Bah Gawd, It’s The Rattlesnake! (1,271,626 views)

9. You Can’t Please Everyone (1,443,949 views)

8. BONK (1,446,471 views)

7. “They’re Not Gonna Keep ‘Em Off The Field Tonight!” (1,475,152 views)

6. Basketball Fans Treated To Ads Congratulating Republicans For Repealing Obamacare [UPDATES] (1,515,313 views)

5. Al Michaels Is Out Here Cracking Harvey Weinstein Jokes [Update] (1,569,720 views)

4. Lonzo Ball’s Summer League Debut Was A Disaster (1,776,431 views)

3. Stephen Curry Beating LeBron James, In Extreme Slow Motion (2,216,885 views)

2. Buy American! (3,431,170 views)

1. Mariah Carey Melts Down At Times Square New Year’s Eve Performance (4,028,330 views)

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