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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

They're Still Playing "Friday" At NHL Games, And At Least One Grown Man Is Enjoying It

We know that internet memes generally have a very particular shelf life, and we respect that Rebecca Black's "Friday" phenomenon might have worn out its welcome by now. When we first posted the video to accompany another meme, it had 200,000 views; it now has 61 million views and a dedicated Tumblr following. But none of that stopped the Buffalo Sabres from torturing their fans' with it two weeks ago, and it certainly did not stop this Ottawa Senators fan from using it for his JumboTron moment of fame last Friday. And so it appears we have now reached the inevitable meme moment in which the meme morphs into a meta-meme: "Friday" playing at Friday NHL games. Let's move on.


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