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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Generally speaking, corporate sponsorships of sports franchises make us uncomfortable and a little depressed; we know soccer fans are used to it, but we'll never quite adjust to seeing to seeing big corporation logos on the front of jerseys. But there are exceptions.

Italian soccer team Trentino 1921's new corporate sponsor is an escort service.

The fourth division club's sponsorship deal has angered local councillors, especially the female councillor in charge of sport, Iva Berasi. She stormed: "I find this absolutely amazing that the club should go into such a deal with an escort agency. "This business, if one can call it a business, is making money by exploiting women's bodies and the club are receiving this money."


And your point, ma'am, is what exactly? We look forward to the inevitable Nascar driver whose car is draped with a photo Candi, with an "i."

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