Things Did Not End Well For This Daring Browns Fan

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The photo above was taken by a reader who was tailgating at yesterday’s Browns game, in an area aptly named The Pit. We’ll let him tell you what happened next:

I attended the Browns game yesterday and tailgated in “The Pit” which is exactly that. After the game we were hanging out by our car waiting for the traffic to die down and this idiot came along. First he appeared through the bushes and climbed down the wall until he fell with about 10 feet left. He walked it off with a little blood on his leg. Not but 10 minutes later he was trying to climb back up. He made it all the way to the top until he fell with one hand on the ledge. Everyone thought he was dead. I heard he only broke a leg.

Our reader wasn’t the only one who saw the disaster unfold. People are talking about it all over the Browns Reddit page, and one of them even took video of the climb (don’t worry, it stops right before the fall):

In another Reddit thread, a commenter offers a sad recap of what they saw:

We were in the car just behind the white one. It wasn’t plesent [sic] when he landed.


It’s bleak in Cleveland, folks. So, so bleak.

h/t Ryan