Here’s a terrifying little slice of American pie from the Newark Star-Ledger:

Meet Naomi Kutin, the world’s strongest girl. She bench presses 82 lbs, deadlifts 209 lbs and holds the world record in the squat at 215 lbs. To put that in perspective, she can squat Eli Manning, or a baby elephant. The best part? She’s just a 10-year-old. Naomi actually beat out a 44-year-old woman for the title. At her most recent competition, she set a new national youth record for the deadlift.

I’m not so sure that the “best” part is that she’s a 10-year-old—maybe the “craziest” or the “nightmariest”—but I’d never say that to her face.

Here’s a video if you’d like to see Kutin and her Mandlebaumian father Ed and kooky mom, Neshama. For a real fun unsettling time, stick around for the 2:30 mark.


10-year-old champion weightlifter keeps on breaking records [Star-Ledger]