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Beau Bock was born and raised in the Bronx and played college football at Miami, but he's been a sports radio guy in Atlanta since 1973. We learned this about him (and quite a bit more) when we read through the even-tempered and very detailed 3,000-word partial autobiography on his website today.

But that was after we'd listened to this clip from a show earlier this week, when a listener named Tim called in to express his concern about the Falcons' upcoming season. What's not included in Beau's partial memoir is that you should never, ever call into his radio show and accuse him and his colleagues of being homers, because DON'T YOU EVER CALL ME A HOMER! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HAS BEEN SAYING THE TRUTH SINCE 1973 ON ATLANTA RADIO?! WHO?!?


We'll side with Beau here: He's not an Atlanta homer. He's still very, very Bronx.

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