This Atlantic 10 Tournament Game Had One Of The Craziest Endings You'll Ever See

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Shit got weird at the end of the Charlotte-Richmond game today. With five seconds remaining in the game, Richmond was up by three as Charlotte's Pierria Henry, who had just been intentionally fouled in order to prevent a made three-pointer, stepped to the line for a one-and-one. Henry sank the first free throw, and then chaos ensued.


As Henry's first free throw fell through the net, Richmond's Derrick Williams was called for a technical foul: he had thrown an opponent to the ground while fighting for rebounding position. Henry went on to sink two free throws that resulted from the tech, and then finished off his one-and-one with a third make. Charlotte suddenly found itself up 64-63.

Because the foul on Williams was a technical foul, Charlotte was given possession of the ball and Henry was intentionally fouled once again. At this point, Richmond's head coach, Chris Mooney, lost his shit and started screaming at the referees, even executing a rage-y jacket removal. Mooney was hit with two technical fouls, and Henry headed to the line to shoot six more free throws, hitting four of them.


Charlotte won 68-63, thanks to eight made free throws in the last five seconds, and we all learned that teams with players who like to shove and coaches who like to rage shouldn't intentionally foul when up three.

Update: As commenter Fighting Artichoke points out, the over/under on this game was 130 1/2