This Bo Bichette Fella Can Sure Sock 'Em

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Blue Jays rookie Bo Bichette continued his otherworldly tear in the batter’s box on Thursday, smoking a 441-foot bomb into the second deck off of Yankees pitcher Domingo German with an incredibly satisfying crack of the bat.

Bichette Dinger

Since making his Major League debut on July 29, Bichette has been batting .404/.451/.830 with four homers and six RBI in 51 plate appearances through 11 games. Oh, and he’s gotten a hit in every single game he’s played in. Even more impressive is the fact that he’s currently on a nine-game doubles streak—which was extended in the sixth inning—that put him in the record books next to some schlub named Ted Williams.


Where he stands alone is that he’s the first player in MLB history to have 12 XBH in the first 11 games of their career, and the first player to have nine straight games with a double. If you’re surprised at this kid’s production, don’t worry, he’s right there with you.


“I’d be lying to you if I said I thought that I’d be breaking records,” Bichette said prior to Thursday’s series opener. “But I do expect to play well, and I think those records are a byproduct of putting in the work and going out there and being aggressive, and trying to treat the game like any other game.”


It’s honestly rather incredible that the rookies in Toronto are thriving in spite of the organization doing everything in its power to not be competitive this season. It almost makes one wonder how great they’ll be whenever the Blue Jays collectively decide to actually try.