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Something tells me that this little boy won't be allowed to wear that jersey out in public anymore if Matt Jones continues his current career trajectory.


That is unless this young fella is a relative of Matt Jones' or has some deep personal connection to the receiver, possibly because he's the only white one on the Jags' roster. Hey, some people are like that. Do you know how many people in Philadelphia owned Mike Zordich jerseys for that very same reason? Or Terry Hoage? (Who now owns a vineyard, by the way.)

The part is that this photo was taken recently in Orlando, according to the person who sent it in. So this young boy's family saw past Jones' first indiscretion, perhaps to teach their son a lesson that human beings — even professional athletes — do make mistakes. Remember, even non-professional ones make big, career-altering mistakes, too, and lately most of those seem to be occurring at McDonald's drive-thrus. Perhaps this uptick in lawlessness at Mickey D's coincides with the long-awaited return of the McRib? That phenomenal porkish-thing covered in tangy red goop will make a man act all crazy sometimes.


Tonight, go prepare your brackets and be happy it hasn't come to this yet.

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