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It's almost no fun to point out Maurice Clarett's foibles anymore. But when cops pull him over with a bunch of loaded guns and a hatchet in the car, it's probably worth mentioning.

Police then found an arsenal of weapons inside the SUV, including a loaded assault rifle and three loaded handguns. A hatchet, clothing and an open bottle of vodka were also taken from the vehicle, Wayne reported.


Here's how it went down, according to police.

• Around 2 a.m., cops noticed an SUV "driving erratically" and began to follow it as it turned onto Interstate-70 in Columbus.

• The SUV made a random U-turn, at which time police put up stop sticks (those things that give you flat tires). The SUV was undaunted and exited the Interstate, slowing into a Tee Jaye's Country Place restaurant parking lot, where it struck the police car.

• Then the trouble really came. "(Clarett) was resisting to the point that they felt it was necessary to try to use a Taser," said Columbus police Sgt. Mike Woods. "He had a bulletproof vest on and the Tasers would not penetrate that, so they used Mace. It took several officers to get his arms behind his back and get him under control and handcuffed."


Yeah, you hate to see that. Clarett had been scheduled to appear in court today on a previous robbery charge, though, ultimately, they might end more concerned about the hatchet.

Clarett Arrested; Police Find Arsenal Of Weapons Inside SUV [NBC4]
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(Clarett's mug shot is after the jump, by the way. Handsome.)

(UPDATE: An Ohio radio station is reporting that Clarett took an open swig from a bottle of Grey Goose in front of the arresting officers. Totally not a good idea.)


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