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Your p.m. roundup for Aug. 24, the day we learned how much to tip whom, and for what. Photo credit @johnfayman, via The Big Lead. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


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Another Pete Dexter classic. This time, Randall Cobb: "After the fight Cobb sat with ABC's Keith Jackson, who asked if he had been surprised Dokes hadn't run more. Cobb said, ‘I don't know how it looked from here, but to me it looked like I was running my ass all over the ring trying to catch him.' As he said that Dokes dropped into the chair next to him. Cobb smiled. ‘We'll have to do this again, Mike.' Dokes shook his head. ‘Oh, no,' he said. ‘No, I don't think so.' ‘I'm going to go back and start all over," Cobb said later. 'I'll do whatever I got to do and I'm going to keep doin' it until it's right.' His mother heard that and nodded. 'Some day that dog's going to lie in the sun,' she said. Randall Cobb is my friend. I know him, he won't cheat himself. And after it's over-it doesn't matter how many times he's hit in the face-he'll be able to look in the mirror and not be afraid of what he sees." [Inside Sports via Bronx Banter Blog]


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Aug. 24, 2006: Introducing The Deadspin Hall Of Fame


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Dom Valentino in twilight: "Every announcer is nominally the ‘voice' of this team or that. Some voices become iconic, passed down through generations, cherished heirlooms of sound. Rizzuto was the voice of the Yankees, Harry Caray of the Cubs, Vin Scully of the Dodgers. Other voices arrive, and then are gone, sometimes quickly, the soundtrack of a season or two, the work of an able if itinerant craftsman. Dom Valentino skipped from here to there and then elsewhere. ‘You should've stayed with the Yankees, Dad,' David said." [New York Times]


This is gonna take a while: "Titans G.M. Mike Reinfeldt met Wednesday with Titans running back Chris Johnson and agent Joel Segal. After the meeting, Reinfeldt expressed both pessimism and optimism." [PFT]

South African Burger Commerical Interlude:

This is a novel concept: "The NCAA said it wanted to send a clear message by slapping Bruce Pearl with a three-year show-cause penalty: Coaches are responsible for their programs. The sanctions mean it will be harder for the former Tennessee men's basketball coach to get another college job anytime soon. Before hiring Pearl, a school must tell the NCAA why it wants him and be prepared to face its own penalties for giving him a job. ‘As these allegations are becoming more and more regular, it's very clear that a head coach is being held responsible for his program,' said Britton Banowsky, Conference USA commissioner and vice-chair of the NCAA's Committee on Infractions." [AP]


Turns out Angel Pagan has colitis: "The story in the Daily News is the one that was most linked to the next day from sites like Deadspin, Gawker, and Hardball Talk, whose posts were essentially Google-compliant Nelson Muntz laughs at the expense of Pagan and the team he plays for. Naturally, it fit into the Hapless Mets meme that has reemerged in the past few weeks (with a healthy amount of help from the Mets themselves). The obvious metaphorical implications of a Met batter missing his turn at bat to go to the bathroom were too rich to turn down, not to mention the inner eight-year-old in some people that still loves to hear toilet humor. Problem was, Pagan didn't just have a case of Montezuma's revenge. He suffers from colitis, an uncomfortable, chronic condition that is treatable but not curable. Pagan takes medication for it, and even went on the DL for just that reason while he played for the Cubs back in 2007. 'It's no joke,' Pagan told Rubin on Tuesday, in obvious response to those who found the whole thing hilarious. 'It's something that's going to be with me for the rest of my life.' Pagan spoke at length about what collitis did to him at its worse." [Amazin' Avenue]

The Winter Classic can wait. And wait and wait: "On the NHL schedule, the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers are scheduled to face each other at 1 p.m. on Jan. 2, 2012. The game will be carried on NBC and CBC. It is not, however, identified as the Winter Classic. This is because there's been no formal announcement of said Winter Classic by the NHL, the Flyers, Citizens Bank Park or thePhiladelphia Phillies. And despite some chatter that it could come this week, Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly says the waiting will continue." [Puck Daddy]


Did she know this already? "Yankee outfielder Nick Swisher is finally taking his new wife, Joanna Garcia, on a honeymoon — to Afghanistan." [New York Post]

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