This Evening: The Guy In The Blue Shirt Behind Brooklyn Decker Would Like You To Know He Plays With Himself

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Your p.m. roundup for Sept. 8, the day we learned a cow had died in Brooklyn. H/T to Brad for the U.S. Open photo. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

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The quasi-legal story of 9/11 memorabilia sellers: "A few years ago, I saw photo books featuring people jumping from the Twin Towers. Whether a concession to decorum or marketing, the jumpers have disappeared. But the commodification of 9/11 images can still be unsettling. The ambulatory vendors understand the sensitivity of their role. Instead of loudly hawking their wares, they sidle up to tourists and engage them in conversation. A favorite sales strategy is to point to a nearby building, then open a book to reveal 9/11 photographs of the same building, often engulfed in debris." [Slate]

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Sept. 8, 2005: Stuart Scott Could Be Yours For $25 Grand (Plus Shipping!)

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The NHL's emergency contingency plan: "Section 16C of the NHL By-Laws covers the 'Emergency Rehabilitation Plan' (ERP), which anticipates a major disaster of this scale, and outlines how the league would respond. It activates when an accident causes the death or disability of at least five members of a given team, and governs both the financial and operative procedures to help the league move forward after such a tragedy." [On The Forecheck]

Sacramento's plan to keep the Kings: "The group proposes a three-way plan combining user fees with public money and private investment to generate $400 million without broad tax increases. The proposal also includes ideas about leasing city parking spaces to a private company, which could generate millions more. The NBA has given Sacramento until March to come up with an arena financing plan or it will consider allowing the Kings to relocate, perhaps to Anaheim." [AP]


Your Kazakhstan Bottled Water Commercial Interlude:

The greatest NBA teams not to win a title: "The best losers of the last three decades." [Basketball Jones]


The phenomenon of Senna tattoos: "The ‘Senna' documentary has become enough of a sensation that more of its fans are following the lead of Jalopnikcommenter CaughtYouLooking and paying their respects to Ayrton Senna with body ink. Here's what they're coming up with." [Jalopnik]


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