Your p.m. roundup for Aug. 8, the day we learned even Lamborghinis can get better. H/T to Johnny Menace for the photo. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we're watching (all times EDT, unless noted): ESPN has Red Sox-Twins at 7, while the MLB Network is showing either Pirates-Giants or Phillies-Dodgers at 10. And while the NFL preseason is just three days away, NFL Network has the game's arena version on at 8, with Jacksonville hosting Georgia for the American Conference championship.

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Somebody really did write a negative Robert Christgau review comprised entirely of phrases from Robert Christgau reviews. And it's awesome: "The motherfucker realizes that metalheads will throw money at you long after your hip cachet has gone the way of your hard-on. Minor popster, major wiseass, and great lost indie-rocker. Genius teensploitation, genuine Americana, gets chicken grease on a young thing's pantyhose, gets sloppier and samier as his adolescence becomes more figurative. More dreck from your unfriendly doomsaying hitmaker, more entertaining than Anthony Braxton and Wallace Stevens put together." []


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Aug. 8, 2007: So Long, ESPN 360, Whatever You Were


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College football must be close to starting. Old Man Paterno is getting in the way again: "While the official details and nature of the injury have yet to be released by the University, sources have confirmed that Joe Paterno has suffered an injury to his pelvic and shoulder regions sometime Sunday afternoon. The cause of the injury is yet to be released but indications are that it took place during a collision at practice Sunday afternoon. With media day scheduled for this Thursday, it will be interesting to see how the athletic department handles this development as the Nittany Lions prepare for an exciting 2011-2012 schedule." [Black Shoe Diaries]

Maybe Arturo Gatti's death wasn't a suicide after all: "But private investigators hired by the champ's manager told The Jersey Journal today their extensive probe has revealed it was no suicide. ‘I think that when we get done with the press conference it will be pretty clear it was not a suicide,' said Chicago-based private investigator Paul Ciolino, who was hired by Gatti's manager, Pat Lynch, to investigate the 37-year-old's death. Ciolino said the voluminous report based on interviews in the United States, Canada and Brazil, as well as expert opinions, will be revealed at an August 30 press conference at North Bergen's Global Boxing Gym at 11 a.m. Ciolino, who conducted the investigation with private investigator Joseph Moura, said an animation will also be released at the press conference showing Gatti could not have killed himself." []


Ricky's a Raven: "Though Williams is 34, he could fill an important role behind Ray Rice on the Ravens depth chart, giving the team a bruising, between-the-tackles option to complement the smaller, shiftier Rice. Coupled with Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach, the Ravens' run game could make things very interesting this season." [PFT]

Looks like the Lions will again be the Lions, but with more injuries: "In fact, the most serious injury before today was a broken foot to first-round draft pick Nick Fairley, and he already had surgery and is expected to return prior to the start of the regular season. The same can't be said for second-round draft pick Mikel Leshoure, who went down with an injury during practice this morning and had to be carted off the field. He has a torn Achilles, and the Lions have already announced he will miss the season." [Pride of Detroit]

Your Indonesian detergent commerical interlude:

Notre Dame didn't abandon principle. It abandoned the pretense: "It ultimately means they have a chance to do what they haven't done in a long time: win consistently, compete regularly for a BCS bowl and, perhaps, sniff a national championship every so often. Did they sell their souls? No, they decided to play the game. Is Notre Dame reduced a bit as an institution of higher learning? It is if you hold to the idea the school is supposed to be above this sort of thing. But if you think the Irish have been living in a fog of nostalgia for years, you ask: What took them so long? The good fathers at Notre Dame finally have come to their senses. They've decided to play ball." [Chicago Sun-Times]


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A visit to the Canadian rodeo: "From a distance, the sight of a man on a bucking bull or bronc is dramatic. Up close, it is a spasm of violence. When a bareback rider named Ryan Gray came flailing past atop Dirty Shame, they were a blur of limbs and wet-hoof planting noises and the sharp scent of leather. Whether it was his chaps flapping or his vest pounding the horse's back, it smelled like Gray was being tanned. When your business is subjecting yourself to controlled disaster, you can't help but take on a bit of fatalism. Four-time Stampede saddle bronc champ Rod Hay watched from the sidelines this year - a casualty of a broken leg suffered earlier in the season. "I shattered my femur," he said, as casually as that sort of thing can be said. "I actually won the rodeo, and the horse bucked me off at the whistle, and it kind of twisted and that femur just popped. But they've got 'er back together and straightened back out." [Grantland]


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