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This Evening: Try Not To Look As Bashful As Stephen Curry

Your p.m. roundup for Aug. 4, the day we learned where hipsters came from. Photo via The Basketball Jones. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we're watching (all times EDT, unless noted): Golf Channel has the first round of the Reno-Tahoe Open at 6:30 p.m. MLB Network is showing either Indians-Red Sox or Cubs-Pirates, with both beginning at 7. And WGN has Yankees-White Sox at 8.

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Cheap tickets and their consequences: "Where we look to be headed, then, is a two-tiered system. A handful of top teams and events will be able to charge whatever they want, while most everyone else is forced to give away tickets. That's great if you're a budget-conscious fan of a cellar-dwelling team - or even a fan of the contending Indians, who remain 26th in the league in attendance. (Thanks to the widely observed phenomenon that teams get their biggest bump in attendance the year after winning a pennant, fans generally end up paying the most to see teams that are just past their prime.) For leagues as a whole, however, it seems likely to exacerbate the spread between the haves and have-nots." [Slate]

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Aug. 4, 2006: The Uniforms That Made Baseball Cry


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Bad news for Mike Patterson: "Medical web sites describe AVM as a tangle of poorly formed blood vessels that have a higher rate of bleeding than normal vessels. Although the can occur anywhere in the body, brain AVMs are more concerning because of the damage they can cause from bleeding. Less than 1 percent of the population suffers from brain AVM." [Delaware Online]


LSU football assistant has Parkinson's: "Kragthorpe, who was hired during the offseason, will remain as the quarterbacks' coach while offensive line coach Greg Studrawa has been elevated to offensive coordinator. 'Our concern is for Steve and his family,' Miles said Thursday, the same day LSU held its first practice of fall camp. 'We are all hopeful that he will have the opportunity to coach for a number of years and be at LSU and continue the things he has gotten started here. We will do whatever we can as an LSU football family to help Steve and his family during this difficult time.'" [ESPN]

Donkey racing? Donkey racing: "Legend has it that man-and-donkey racing teams first sprang up during the 19th-century Gold Rush. When a prospector struck a vein, he'd load up his burro and high-tail it to town to register his claim before his rivals got there. To commemorate that tradition, the historic mining town of Leadville, high in the Rockies, began holding an annual burro race in 1949; other communities soon followed. The donkeys don't always cooperate. ‘The first time I ever tried it, I literally dragged my burro 16 miles,' says Greg Bradley, a sport veteran." [Wall Street Journal]


Doug DeCinces, insider trader: "The SEC alleges that DeCinces, who lives in Laguna Beach, Calif., received confidential information about the acquisition from a source at Santa Ana, Calif.-based Advanced Medical Optics. DeCinces immediately began to purchase shares of Advanced Medical Optics in several brokerage accounts, buying more throughout the course of the impending transaction as he received updated information from his source. During this time, DeCinces also illegally tipped three associates who traded on the confidential information – physical therapist Joseph J. Donohue, real estate lawyer Fred Scott Jackson, and businessman Roger A. Wittenbach. DeCinces agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle the SEC's charges, and the three others also agreed to settlements." [SEC]

Finnish pizza commerical interlude:

Driving and sex have a correlation, apparently: "Are your driving moves all jerky; are you constantly thrusting in and out of traffic? Are you the clumsy type - all thumbs and apologies? Or are you a smooth operator behind the wheel, deftly caressing the road until it yields to your soft but firm touch, then skilfully building to a screaming climax?" [Jalopnik]


Steve Spurrier does not want his players tweeting, according to Twitter: [@TomDienhart]


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Chad Henne does not like that Dolphins fans do not seem to like him: "'Absolutely you hear it,' Henne said Thursday. ‘But you take it in, take it out. ... The biggest thing is if you're a Miami Dolphin fan hopefully you're cheering for the Miami Dolphins and players out there rather than somebody that's not.' Sparano jumped to Henne's defense Wednesday, calling the chants ‘sick' in an unusually sharp-tongued display from a coach who tends to be mild-mannered in interview sessions. On Thursday, he lauded Henne again, saying he's the team's No. 1 quarterback despite Miami's recent signing of Matt Moore, most recently of Carolina." [ESPN]


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