This Evening: Watch A Couple Get Married While Running The NYC Marathon

Your p.m. roundup for Nov. 7, the day we forgot to bid on John Lennon's rotten tooth. Video via Buzzfeed. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

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The Redskins' shameful past: "Washingtonians, it must be said, did not simply let all this go unremarked. Redskins fans, then as now, were among the most passionate in the league, and many ardent supporters among both the Georgetown set and the hoi polloi urged Marshall to rethink matters. Their view was given its strongest expression by Shirley Povich, the star Washington Post sportswriter. Povich (a man-Shirley was a male name as often as it was a female name in the early twentieth century) was Jewish and a native of Maine who originally moved to Washington to study law at Georgetown. He often wrote sentences like ‘Jim Brown, born ineligible to play for the Redskins, integrated their end zone three times yesterday.' Marshall remained unmoved. In 1959—around about the time some Southern states were reintroducing the Confederate stars and bars to their flag—Marshall changed the lyrics of the team song from ‘Fight for old D.C.' to ‘Fight for old Dixie.' The marching band's standard pregame routine involved playing ‘Hail to the Redskins,' ‘Dixie,' and ‘The Star-Spangled Banner'—in that order. In 1960 and 1961, the team won just one game each year." [New York Review of Books]

This Date In Deadspin History

Nov. 4, 2009: So, the University of Arizona Had An Undie Run...



Embattled college football coach resigns: Not Joe Paterno, though. [ESPN]

A Penn State professor has a say: "Our football coach has donated millions back to the university and helped raise untold millions more, doubling the size of the library and helping fund scholarships that have enabled countless kids to attend Penn State. And as far as the NCAA is concerned, our athletic department has still never been caught "cheating," something the hopeful among us (there are fewer today, certainly) would like to believe is because we don't cheat. Our athletes graduate at a higher rate than at almost any other major public university. In many undeniable ways, this place has and will continue to contribute a lot of good to the world. Somehow I doubt anyone will remember that anytime soon." [Good Men Project]


Magic and AIDS, 20 years later: "The culture in general, never mind the athletic culture, was still largely unfamiliar with HIV and AIDS at that time, which was considered a "gay disease." So when it chose to alight in the sports world, it selected one of the most celebrated and beloved figures. The odds on that couldn't even be calculated. That's why the news on that day was so mind-blowing. It was only later, after we learned a lot more about the disease, and a lot more about Magic's careless sexual behavior, that it made some sense." [Sports Illustrated]

Your Mozambique Poultry Commercial Interlude:

Kyle Busch fined: "NASCAR fined Kyle Busch $50,000 on Monday and placed him on probation through the end of the year for wrecking Ron Hornaday under caution at Texas.
NASCAR also warned Busch that he will be suspended indefinitely if he is involved in any other action "detrimental to stock car racing or to NASCAR, or is disruptive to the orderly conduct of an event." [AP]


Everybody to the Big East: "Cougars football coach Bronco Mendenhall said the Big East approached the school about joining the league. ‘There is a push and there are conversations that are in place for the Big East to convince or to have BYU join that conference,' BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall said Monday during his weekly news conference. ‘I trust our athletic director and President Samuelson to deal with all of that. I have been informed along the way. At some point there will be a decision with what our intentions will be.' BYU is in its first year as a football independent after leaving the Mountain West Conference. Its other sports teams compete in the West Coast Conference." [AP]

What Kevin Durant can't do: "Spencer Hawes: @KDTrey5 needs to refine his booray skills." [Ball Don't Lie]


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