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This Is All Progressing Too Normally For Our Tastes

It's a good thing that Duke did lose to Virginia Commonwealth last night, because if the Blue Devils hadn't, we have no idea what everyone would be talking about today; it's really the only game of the first day of the tournament that had much of a storyline. (And, really, no one was that shocked that Duke lost.) Most of the games weren't close, and the couple that were had none of the upset factor to them. (We still don't know how anyone could have made an educated prediction in the BYU-Xavier game; looked like the same team to us.)

The favorites, pretty much across the board, won, and as relaxing as that might be for fans of those teams, those of us who like a little chaos with our tournament couldn't help but walk away from yesterday feeling a little disappointed. No buzzer-beaters, no coach tantrums, no improbable flights of fancy. Just a bunch of top seeds taking care of business.


We have more hope for today — we're personally eyeing that Wisconsin-Texas A&M CC game — because the first round of the tournament is supposed to be a little bit more insane that it was. There are all kinds of reason for that, of course, but we don't want to hear them: We just want the chaos, please. Thanks.

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