New Orleans 38, Miami 17: People tried to sell themselves on this game tonight. Two 3-0 teams, they said. The Dolphins are really turning it around this year, they said. Drew Brees on Monday against the young guy, they said. This is the lead image we are going with for this game.

Don't make me recap the rest of it. Oh, God, please don't.

Drew Brees threw the ball a lot. Many times, those throws were to people who were either in the endzone or able to run into the endzone after catching the ball. He had nine incompletions on 39 attempts and wound up with 413 yards passing and four touchdowns. It was the 10th game with over 400 yards in his career. Only Marino had more, with 13.

Speaking of Miami quarterbacks, Ryan Tannehill, who has still not earned Skip Bayless's love, did some shit tonight, too.

And there was also this which was less his fault and more just fun to look at:


In all, Tannehill had three interceptions and one fumble. Or, if you like juxtaposing good things with bad things, Tannehill had as many turnovers as Drew Brees had touchdowns.

It's just one game, and the Dolphins are still 3-1 and right in the thick of things in a surprising AFC East, so there's nothing to panic about. And maybe Miami is turning it around and maybe they have finally got a serviceable quarterback in Tannehill, but they're clearly not in the same league as the Saints yet. Which is fine and definitely not a knock on the team; the Saints have been doing this for a long time. It just means we get Jon Gruden swinging a kettle bell on television.