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Deadspin has acquired the official petition for change of name that Captain Awesome, the Oregon man formerly known as Douglas Allen Smith, Jr., submitted to the Circuit Court of Lane County in late September. This is his legal signature.

Mr. Awesome, an "out-of-work cabinet installer" from Eugene, Oregon, is a big fan of NBC's show Chuck, which features a character named Dr. Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb. So like any inspired American would do, Mr. Awesome exercised his rights and changed his name to Captain Awesome. His original petition was delayed because the first judge he faced "questioned his seriousness." But Mr. Awesome would not be deterred. Mr. Awesome hit the books at the University of Oregon Law School library to study up on name change precedents, and when Mr. Awesome came to court a second time, the Judge was named Douglas Mitchell. Douglas helped a fellow Douglas out. I know. I'm tearing up, too.


Captain Awesome, we salute you.

[H/T A_Billy_Martin_Christmas]

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