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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled This Is Probably The Woman Who Ripped Donald Drivers Shoe From That Little Kid [UPDATE]

Meet Robyn Ereth. (She's the one on the left.) Last night sometime, she posted this image to her Facebook with the following note:

Donald is missing a shoe!!!thx Donald!!!!

Hordes of tipsters let us know Robyn's probably the woman who ripped a shoe out of a child's hands after the Packers' Donald Driver tossed a cleat to him after a charity softball game. It certainly looks like her, and she's wearing the same shirt.


(Driver's still looking for the kid who lost out on the shoe, by the way.)

Update (12:13 p.m.): ESPN's Playbook reports they've found the kid. Meanwhile, it appears Robyn's taken her Facebook page down.

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