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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This Is The Right Blogdome Post This Time

• The first guy to get nailed twice for steroids under the new system. [Lion In Oil]
• People like Shakira more than soccer. [The Beautiful Game]
• David Wright, losing his hair quickly. [Babes Love Baseball]
• Stephen Jackson needs to get himself ejected. [100 Percent Injury Rate]
• Bill Simmons' columns have been pretty good of late, but about that podcast ... [Awful Announcing]
• The Superfans are having trouble coming to terms with the Bulls-Pistons series. [Zembla]
• Here comes the Players Championship. [Dogs That Chase Cars]
• Remember Adrian McPherson? He was cut from the AFL. [Still Football]
• John Gibbons is Boomhauer. [Bluebird Banter]
• Looking back on the 2006-07 Nuggets. [Colorado Homers]

As many of you noticed, an early version of this post was accidentally — stupidly, really — placed on the site last night. It became the new home of Deadspin Up! All Night, which is kind of hilarious. That's why this post has so many comments even though it just went up. Sorry, but enjoy.

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