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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

We've all been there: Playing Bulls versus Blazers on SNES, Shasta'd out of your mind, Kevin Duckworth at the line. He misses. You lose. Wouldn't you like a chance to see Duckworth—the real Duckworth—atone?

Well, it's not Kevin Duckworth, but Stars fan and NHL 11 player Alex got screwed over by a digital Adam Burish and decided to demand an apology in a tersely worded e-mail:

I was recently playing a game of EA Sports NHL 11. I was down by one goal against my friend, I was on a 2 on 0 and was impeded by #16 Adam Burish, and was unable to acheive a scoring opportunity, I ask that Adam Burish publicly apologizes to me for he had cost me that game of NHL 11. Thank you for you cooperation during this crisis.



And wouldn't you know it, Burish responded:

That's how the world should work.

Burish Responds To A Fan's Feedback [Dallas Stars]


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