This Is What Your Legs Look Like After A Stage Of The Tour de France

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Bartosz Huzarski posted this picture of his veiny-ass legs to Facebook after completing the 145 km 18th stage of the Tour de France. It is disgusting and these are the grossest legs we've seen since George Hincapie showed up with a mess of veins on his leg that looked like Santa Claus.

This being cycling, as soon as the shock and disgust wore off, people immediately turned to suspicions of blood doping. Huzarski denied it just as quickly, saying that while his legs don't always look like that, it happens fairly often, especially on the demanding course and in the high heat.

'People write and think different things, "that is impossible", "that is not normal", "it is unhealthy", refer to doping, etc …

'Of course I will not have legs like Victoria's Secret models, or Mary from a nearby vegetable shop, or anyone working in an office who does a 10km bike ride or an hour run three times a week. Unfortunately it does not work like that and this what you see in the picture. It is not unhealthy.'


Mary from the nearby vegetable shop would sell exactly zero vegetables walking around on zombie legs.


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