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On Tuesday, Jets CB Antonio Cromartie played reporter and actually hit teammate Dee Milliner with a tough question, referencing Milliner being “on the roster bubble.” That didn’t sit well with former Jets TE Kellen Winslow Jr., who was teammates with Cromartie in New York for one season.

A fired-up Winslow went on a mini Twitter rant about Cromartie.


Cromartie responded to the jabs with a knockdown blow:

This would be a reference to Winslow’s 2013 arrest, when a witness claimed he was masturbating in a Target parking lot.


Winslow came back with some sad threats and an invitation to fight, but the first round clearly went to Cromartie. Well, Winslow sat on it for a full day, clearly stewing, and morning came out swinging for round 2.


That would be a reference to Cromartie famously struggling to list the names and ages of his children on a 2010 episode of Hard Knocks. (That spring, the Jets had advanced Cromartie some salary so he could make his child-support payments. At last count, he was up to 12 kids.)

And that’s where it stands now. Cromartie clearly had the edge by staying largely above the fray (and by still being in the NFL), but this one has to hurt. We’re all eagerly awaiting him to punch back, because the alternative is blogging about who looks good in OTAs.


At least it forced new Jets HC Todd Bowles to quickly learn about the kind of shit he’s going to have to deal with:

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