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This Man Will Pay You To Teach Him About Football, Because He Lied To Impress A Woman

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So, yes, humorous Craigslist postings are usually fake. But on the off-chance this one's not, and because it's funny enough to deserve it, read the tale of one sad Brooklynite who took to Craigslist to find a football tutor. He needs a crash course in what it's like to be a quarterback, and his very relationship may be at stake.

My girlfriend and I were just invited to a Super Bowl party at her ex-boyfriend's apartment, and to be honest, last time I met him he told me he played football in college and I responded that I did as well —which was a lie.

I don't know why I lied, I guess I just panicked and wanted to impress my girlfriend. Anyway. He asked me what position I played and I told him I played quarterback because that was really the only position I'd heard of.

I really don't know anything about football except for the fact that touchdowns how you score points and sometimes you kick the ball. I've been reading articles on and watching clips online but I don't think it's going to prepare me for questions about actually playing it, or for making good comments during the game. So I need someone who can *quickly* teach me about all of things I would have learned playing football as well as what to say about it.

This is really important to me. I think my girlfriend still really likes her ex and when we first started dating she cheated on me a few times with him, so I really can't risk looking like an idiot in front of both of them.

Oh, also, her ex played "linebacker." Should I know a lot about playing "linebacker" too? Do quarterbacks normally know about that? I definitely will need to learn all the positions and what they do, but it might help for me to learn something from a "linebacker," if you know one.

Seriously, this is really important. My girlfriend and I are going through a bit of a rough patch now and she keeps threatening to move out. I'm afraid if I get caught lying about this our relationship is over.

I'm offering $500, but would be willing to go higher if you're an actual college or professional football quarterback, and would pay extra if you knew a linebacker you could bring along to teach me about his position.

And if you would be willing to text me good comments to say during the game, I'd to pay you an extra $100 for that. Maybe more if they're good comments.

We've all been there. My girlfriend totally believes I'm awesome at the guitar, but just haven't had the opportunity to play these past few years. So get in touch with our poor pseudo-QB, and do him a solid, and make some quick bank as well. Or just dick him around and give him made-up information. Your call.

Please teach me about football!!! - $500 [Craigslist]

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