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This May Be An Email Account Roger Goodell Only Gives Out To Important People

An anonymous tipster sends along this report:

I recently worked for a political campaign that had me copying contact info from business cards that were handed to the elected official by various important folks. Often these people scribbled personal emails/phone numbers on the back of the cards. Anyway, I processed Roger Goodell's official card and this was the email he had written on the back:

Perhaps it's random or unrelated, but it would make sense that Goodell has an unrecognizable email. If you can verify it to your satisfaction, I'm sure people would love to have a place to vent to about the lockout...


Hmm. Now, remember Goodell's wife is Jane Skinner and perhaps this is just a way of keeping a fairly anonymous account away from surly fans who will abuse it just to rant about the pending lockout or his personal conduct policy or just sign him up for gay porn. Either way, please send along your abusive emails to this address and CC us ( in the process. The best of the bunch win a prize, aka, a heaping pile of crap from our desk.

Revolt at your leisure.


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