This Own Goal From Chivas USA Defender Mario de Luna Makes Us Sad

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Midway through the first half in last night's MLS clash between the Seattle Sounders and Chivas USA, Sounders midfielder Mauro Rosales broke free down the right flank and lofted a ball into the box towards an open Obafemi Martins. But Rosales overshot his target, and the cross floated all the way to Chivas USA defender Mario de Luna at the far post. And then de Luna shat the bed.

The centerback broke almost every rule of defending in a single play. He probably should've safely cleared the cross out for a corner, but he didn't. He definitely shouldn't have tried to pass a ball back to goalkeeper Dan Kennedy with Martins, who already had one goal on the day, lurking in the area. He did anyway. Fine. But there's no excuse for him to direct the header from six yards out onto goal. He should've been benched. He should've been suspended.


But de Luna wasn't, probably because even though he's bad, Chivas USA don't have many better options than him at the moment. It's just one of the reasons why they sit dead last in the MLS Western Conference right now, and have conceded the most goals in the league.


Everyone makes mistakes, we suppose, but c'mon, Mario. Sounders ended up winning 2-0.