This Reds Media Guy Really Wanted To Kick Someone's Ass After Today's Loss [UPDATE]

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Jamie Ramsey is the Reds' assistant director of media relations, and he's very protective of his team, like any good p.r. person. However, Cincinnati has had kind of a rough week and was on its way to losing its fourth straight game. That's when Ramsey started getting into it on Twitter with some Reds fans. Eventually, things got a little out of hand. Let's take a look at how things unraveled over the course of a couple hours.

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UPDATE (1:18 a.m.): Jamie Ramsey has released a statement on his blog. It reads:

It is with a terrible sense of regret that I come to you tonight to apologize for my embarrssing inability to control my emotions on Twitter and more importantly, my failure to properly represent myself as an employee of the Cincinnati Reds.

As you may have saw (or read), I sent an inappropriate "direct message" to a person who tweeted some pretty nasty things to me. I shouldn't have done it and I'm sorry to those of you I've let down. I also want to apologize to the Reds who for years have trusted me with the keys to @Jamieblog and Better Off Red. They have every reason to feel betrayed tonight by my poor judgment. The Cincinnati Reds organization has worked so hard in developing a culture within the company called the "Reds Way." My actions today are a complete failure to that development.

To those of you who know me or have "followed" me for a while, you know that no one is more loyal to this team than me. "Expect good news" has always been the blog's mantra, more so to get through the rough patches than during a first-place division-title run. In the end, however, that loyalty and my failure to act like a civilized adult is basically what has me in this unfortunate predicament.

Moving forward, I'm terminating the @jamieblog Twitter account effective immediately.

I'm humiliated and I'm sorry.


UPDATE #2 (1:40 pm): Ramsey has now reopened his Twitter account at @Jamieblog and started tweeting again.