This Russian Soccer Brawl Goes From 0 To 100 Real Quick

As more proof that there's nothing Russians don't think would be improved by spontaneous kickboxing bouts, here's a video of two youth soccer teams fucking each other up after only the slightest provocation.


There's a surprising amount of action in this sub-one-minute video. We get what we assume are some stern words and a suggestive chin jut from a Dnepr Smolensk player, a half-running haymaker from an insulted Lokomotiv Moscow twice the smart-mouth's size, and even a Liu Kang-style flying kick.

But almost as soon as the leaping Smolensk player gets done yelling "hiyaaaaa!" and the scrum is separated, peace returns and it looks like the game continues. A much more civilized ending than some other Russian soccer matches we've heard about.