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For all you doubters out there, it's true: Dwight "Doc" Gooden, the former Mets pitcher and Cy Young Winner who is headed to Celebrity Rehab, is officially on Twitter. His account, @DocGooden16, has not yet received a crucial "verified" check, but after today, we think Twitter should replace that mark with a thumbnail of this photo, anyway.


A quick look at Doc's page reveals that he recently got a new tattoo and that he'll be at the Yankee game tonight, which are probably two things we would never have learned without this essential device. I also recently heard a disheartening story about a young woman who worked full time as a Twitter ghostwriter for guys like Amare Stoudamire and Danny Granger, so it's just nice to know that Gooden is an honest soul when he writes basically meaningless 140-character remarks on the internet (although it would have been nice if he'd had this thing notarized).

Photo via Sportsfeeder.


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