This Was Just The Saddest Burger King Burglary

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Philadelphia police are seeking information on the two men in this video, who allegedly broke into a Burger King last month. They should be considered drunk and extremely incompetent.


  • 0:36 The first suspect flops over the counter like a beached whale.
  • 0:39 The first suspect attempts to overturn the cash register, but it is bolted down.
  • 0:58 The second suspect attempts to take a bag of hamburger buns. The first suspect tries to get him to put them down, wrestling the bag away from him.
  • 1:08 The second suspect steers his belligerent partner out of the back room.
  • 1:21 The first suspect takes something from under the counter and flips it onto the counter.
  • 1:29 The second suspect physically rolls his partner over the counter.

The men left the restaurant without taking anything. If you have any information, you're encouraged to call the number listed in the video.