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This Week In Horrifying Leg Injuries

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In case you missed it, there were a couple of real leg-cracking beauties this weekend. One happened to an MLS goalie and the other a minor MMA fighter, so yeah, you probably missed it. Click if you dare.

First, we go to the New England-New York MLS match on Saturday where Revolution goalkeeper Preston Burpo challenged Dane Richards on a loose ball near the edge of the box. Burpo won the battle by clearing what could have been an easy goal, but obviously lost the war when both the tibia and fibula of his right leg were sawed in half. That's not going to sting for awhile. [Video via Dirty Tackle]

Middleweight fighter Jared Hess was the "lucky one" during the Bellator Fighting Championships on the same day. He merely had his knee dislocated by Alexander Shlemenko. He would have kept fighting if only his cowardly opponent hadn't forced him to stand up.

And don't forget the animated .GIF action. I'm sure all our insomniac readers will have no trouble falling asleep now.


DTotD: Preston Burpo's horrifying leg break [Dirty Tackle]
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Jared Hess knee injury from Bellator 20 (GIF) [MMA Mania]

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