The average conference ranks of Super Bowl teams are: 1.69 winning percentage, 2.27 point differentials, and 2.46 SRS, with an average rating of 2.14 across these three metrics. The worst teams to make a Super Bowl, as seen in the bottom of the chart, generally come from recent years because playoff expansion now allows for teams to make the Super Bowl that wouldn't have even made the playoffs in previous years. Like the 2008 Cardinals, who had an average rank of 5.83 across winning percentage, point differentials, and SRS, yet damn near won the Super Bowl. But don't put too much stock into high-profile matchups. Just because the very best from each division only play each in the Super Bowl about once every nine years on average, doesn't mean the game will live up to expectations as seen in the ass kicking Denver received last year. Meanwhile, many of those games on the bottom of the chart were exciting as hell.