A "battle of the bands" at a suburban Pittsburgh bar became the scene of a triple stabbing at the hands of two dudes who allegedly don't care much for the city's sports teams, according to police.

Police said Michael Landeros, 35, and his nephew, Armando Encinas, 23, were "looking for trouble" when they showed up for an annual band competition Saturday night at the Ba'Runi Hotel and Grille, which is located in Harmony Twp., about 20 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

Landeros and Encinas started drinking and getting belligerent with patrons, but the situation escalated when Encinas allegedly began punching people with what police said was a four-inch knife between his fingers. One patron was stabbed in the chest and arm, and the bar's owner and an employee were also stabbed when they tried to intervene. A witness told KDKA the stabbings occurred in a span of 15 seconds. None of the injuries is believed to be life-threatening, but the bar employee did remain hospitalized in serious condition as of last night.

Police said Landeros and Encinas, who recently moved to western Pennsylvania from Maryland, first began arguing with a patron about an NBA jersey someone was wearing. But then shit got real:

“They don’t like the Penguins and there was some comments made about the Penguins,” said Harmony Township Police Chief Jim Essek. “And then ultimately, it ended up about the Steelers and they’re not Steeler fans.”



h/t to dr yunzer