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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Through Four Games, The Broncos Have Been Better Than The 2007 Pats

The 4-0 Broncos are annihilating right now; that's not news to anyone. The eye-popping part, though, is how they're beating teams at a pace significantly surpassing the 2007 Patriots, a team that also dropped huge amounts of points on opponents in the regular season.


The Broncos have scored 179 points this season in their first four games. The 2007 Patriots scored 148 points in their first four games, and none of them came in a game against the defending Super Bowl champion. Through four games in 2007, Tom Brady threw 13 touchdowns and two interceptions. Peyton Manning has thrown 16 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

The scariest part of this Denver team is that it's not even playing with its best players. Pro Bowl linebacker Von Miller will come back in Week 7, and Champ Bailey is sidelined with an injury. The pass defense has been admittedly poor, but the offense has been scoring enough to cover up that flaw. The returns of Miller and Bailey should help that weakness.

It's too early to talk about an undefeated season, but Denver's manhandled its first four opponents with ease, and the rest of the season doesn't look too daunting. There are still two games against the currently 4-0 Chiefs, and games against the Texans and Patriots, but outside of that, the Broncos' schedule is rather easy. Even if the team can't pull off a 16-0 regular season, it's hard to see another AFC team playing near that level right now.