Tiger Woods's Backyard Practice Facility Is Nicer Than Most Golf Courses

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We should not lose any sleep over Tiger's latest setbacks. He could be done for the 2011 season, and he's going through the second difficult break-up of his young life, but he is still terribly wealthy and preparing to move into a Jupiter Island, Fla. estate that is reportedly worth $54.5 million.

Woods shared his excitement for the mansion's state-of-the-art practice course (which was recently completed) on his website back in March:

Pretty soon, I'll be moving into my new home in Jupiter, Fla. I'm excited about that and even more excited about my new practice facility. It's phenomenal. Working with my team, I designed the short-game facility and oversaw its construction. It features four greens, six bunkers with different depths and kinds of sand, a video center and a putting studio. If no wind is blowing, the longest club I can hit is a 7-iron. It's also set up so I can hit shots out of my second-story studio.


That's nice, but what of the hillocks?

His design website further explains that the course layout includes "subtle contours and strategically placed swales and hillocks to help hone the creativity that is needed for world-class shot-making," and that the technologies used on the greens "help create the ability to replicate tournament conditions, when necessary." So when a hurricane happens through Jupiter, for example, Tiger can still chip from his second-story studio without any real detriment to his game. What a relief.

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