Tigers Bring Trevor Rosenthal Back To The Majors For Some Reason

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Photo: Scott Taetsch (Getty)

Here’s an alarming bit of news for MLB batters who value their personal safety: Trevor Rosenthal, who bombed out of the Nationals bullpen due to a persistent inability to throw strikes and get outs, is back in the majors, this time with the Detroit Tigers.


Rosenthal signed a minor-league contract with the Tigers on June 29, six days after he was released by the Nationals, and has been pitching with the Triple-A Toledo Mud Hens in the time since. You will no doubt assume that Rosenthal must’ve made good progress down there, since the Tigers made the decision to turn him loose against the best baseball players in the land. You fool! You goof! Rosenthal walked six batters, plunked another one, and gave up eight hits and six runs in just over five innings of work in Toledo. Improbably, it seems Rosenthal has found his way onto a team where being a capable pitcher is even less essential to finding work in the bullpen than it is in Washington:

The hit batter is a fairly troubling sign. Rosenthal hit three batters in six credited innings of work with the Nationals, then hit another three batters over four rehab appearances in the minors leading into his last opportunity in Washington. The seven batters Rosenthal has hit at various levels this year would put him in the top 10 in MLB, amid a group of pitchers made up entirely of starters and heavy-use relievers. Rosenthal has been really, really wild this year.

The Tigers opened a four-game series against the Cleveland Indians Monday night. Rosenthal has had an awful time getting back into baseball following Tommy John surgery, and it would be a real relief and a happy story if he figures it out for the Tigers. But until further notice, be safe out there, everyone!

UPDATE: If you’re gonna be wild, be effectively wild!