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Tiger's Caddy Wishes He Had Gone For The Cockblock

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Steve Williams says that had he known about Woods's affairs, he would have made them public. Really, Steve? What the hell?


Last night Williams gave an interview to New Zealand's 60 Minutes, which I can only assume has Xena and Gimli in the places of Lesley Stahl and Andy Rooney. He had this to say:

I've said it before. I knew nothing, and that's my answer. If the shoe was on somebody else's [foot], I would say the same thing: that it would be very difficult for the caddie not to know but I'm a hundred per cent telling you I knew nothing and that's that.

"I'm a straight-up sort of person. If I'd have known something was going on, the whistle would have been blown. He knows that, that's just the way I operate."


If I'm Tiger Woods, I fire Steve Williams right now. I'm not sure if golfers like to consider it some kind of partnership, but a caddy is a player's employee. And a worker who blabs to the press about their boss's embarrassing private life usually isn't welcomed back to work with open arms. There's a reason we give our sources anonymity.

And don't give me that "Williams is friends with Elin too" crap. Not to get all "bro code" on you, but Woods and Williams have supposedly been friends long before Elin was ever in the picture. You want to talk to Tiger, tell him you don't approve? Fine. But to say you would have "blown the whistle" on his infidelity? Well, there goes the trust that a golfer-caddy relationship needs to have.

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