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Tim Donaghy, the former NBA referee who spent 11 months in prison for relaying inside information to gamblers, is reviewing the performance of his former colleagues during the NBA Finals. Here's a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of Game 2, with accompanying video.

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A lot of strange moments in this one, but the main takeaway is that Kobe Bryant didn't get the star treatment calls in Game 2 that he got in Game 1.


11:45 [TIE 0-0] Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant both foul Ray Allen going through the lane — they impede his progress. Allen then sets an illegal screen on the low block. Three obvious fouls missed in the first 30 seconds.

9:32 [LAL 7-2] Bryant reaches in and whacks Kevin Garnett; no foul is called.

9:22 [LAL 7-4] Garnett fouls Pau Gasol, maybe out of frustration with the non-call. He's sent to the bench with two fouls.


8:35 [BOS 8-7] Illegal screen called on Andrew Bynum. Not much contact on this play.

8:31 [BOS 8-7] Screen set by Paul Pierce with his foot on the out-of-bounds line. This is a violation. When setting a screen you must be completely inbounds; otherwise it's a foul.


6:13 [LAL 13-10] Illegal screen set by Kendrick Perkins, but no foul is called as he takes out Fisher. Allen hits a three-pointer because of this.

:27.7 [BOS 29-22] Good call on Odom. He charges into the set defender.


10:08 [BOS 31-24] Bryant gets fouled on the low post by both Pierce and Allen prior to the travel violation. These missed fouls cost L.A. a possession.


9:02 [BOS 36-26] Always a must-see: Jack Nicholson checks out the ladies in the stands with the mini-binoculars. I once asked Jack what he was looking at. "Just checking out the ladies my boy," he said. "Just checking out the ladies."

3:22 [BOS 49-39] Bryant travels prior to the dribble. Watch his left foot. That's his pivot foot, and he lifts it before putting the ball on the floor.


3:20 [BOS 49-39] Major missed call here. That's not an offensive foul on Bryant. The referee is clearly fooled. On TV, it looks as if Kobe's head hits Allen's, which isn't a foul.

3:03 [BOS 49-39] Make-up call. It's clear the official realizes he made a mistake.


2:00 [BOS 52-41] Foul on Gasol? This is a charge on Perkins. Gasol is backing up.

:30.6 [BOS 54-45] Shelden Williams travels on the baseline before getting his shot blocked.


:00.3 [BOS 54-48] The Lakers' bench leaks out onto the floor with time left on the clock. They should've been issued a technical for having more than five players on the court.


11:14 [BOS 54-52] All ball on the block at the basket. Pierce gets it clean, but this is one of those situations where the official anticipates a foul that doesn't actually happen.


6:19 [LAL 63-61] Great acting job by Rondo. Cheap foul sends Bryant to the bench with his fourth.

5:46 [TIE 63-63] All ball on this play to the hoop. Another clean block, this time by Glen Davis; another situation where the official anticipates a foul that's not there.


1:27 [BOS 72-70] Foul missed on Allen. Fisher is fouled going to the hoop — a call Allen's been getting on the other end.


11:15 [BOS 74-72] Bryant charges into Davis? Davis moves up and into Kobe; the defender needs to be set when the offensive player goes upward into his shooting motion. Officials will huddle and discuss that Kobe has five fouls and that his next one will send him out of the game.


10:38 [BOS 76-72] It's strange that the officials would huddle for a goaltending call. If a goaltending occurs, it's always called right away.

3:33 [LAL 90-89] Not a foul on Artest. Pierce lost his balance.

3:06 [BOS 91-90] Foul called on Garnett. If they'd whistled this kind of play the entire game, there would've been 100 fouls called.


1:59 [BOS 93-90] Out-of-bounds call is reviewed by instant replay and upheld. That's not how I saw it. I saw the ball going off Garnett, whose hand was inside of Gasol's.

1:14 [BOS 97-90] Bryant fouled going to the hoop, but it's ignored. Kobe's clearly not getting the star treatment he received in game 1.


:47.1 [BOS 98-93] Not a foul on Artest. No idea what the official sees to make this call.

Tim Donaghy is a former NBA referee and the author of Personal Foul: A First-Person Account of the Scandal That Rocked the NBA. Follow him on Facebook here.


Video editing by David Matthews.

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