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Tim "Douche" Donaghy Did It and I Called It

The now ex-NBA referee has had a really shitty week, and deservedly so. Just as I predicted Donaghy was identified as the target of the FBI's gambling investigation. While part of me feels for a guy who obviously suffers from a gambling addiction the rest of me is fucking ecstatic. The reason I kept mentioning Donaghy's name to anyone who would ask yesterday morning is because I've seen it all up close and personal.

Of all the refs I heckled last year there were only two that could really piss me off. One was a dick (Steve Javie) and the other was either the most incompetent referee alive or a soulless shell of humanity with mob ties. I have no idea whether he had money riding on any of the seven Wizards games I watched him work this season, but it sure would clear things up a bit.


Now that people have begun digging for information on Donaghy's past it's become apparent that I wasn't the only one put off by his nonsensical decision making. Quite a few websites have gathered some transplendant tidbits on the disgraced zebra. I'll bring you some of the highlights forthwith.

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