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Tim Duncan Makes Amir Johnson Fall With The Most Duncan Crossover Ever

Shut it down, basketball. Shut it down.

Tim Duncan is known for three things: Being old as fuck, winning all the time, and enduring as the most boring hall of famer in the history of basketball. (He also looks like a Yeezus cloud.) And though he'll likely retire with many accolades as the greatest power forward to ever play the game, Duncan was missing a very significant piece of his résumé: a highlight of him shaking an opposing player to the floor in the open court with a filthy crossover. UNTIL LAST NIGHT.

Duncan was defending Toronto Raptors victim Amir Johnson in the third quarter last night, when Johnson went up for a weak-ass hook that rightly got capped by the Big Fundamental. Usually, Duncan finds an outlet pass with a perfect, two-handed, overhead pass, but last night, he was feeling sprightly, or something, and brought the ball of the court, leading the slow break by himself. Amir Johnson, embarrassed from getting his shit punched just seconds earlier, tried to dive in from Duncan's blind side to steal the ball back. But Duncan felt that young boy's pressure, and pulled off a really simple, tight, fundamentally sound cross between his legs that brought Johnson to his knees. Time to give this man his bust.

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