Tim Tebow Says Trump Full Of Shit; Will Not Speak At GOP Convention

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Much like many of Tim Tebow’s wobbly passes, presidential nominee Donald Trump’s promise that the former NFL quarterback would be speaking at the Republican National Convention next week has fallen short.

Yesterday, the Trump campaign released a list of scheduled speakers for the convention. Tim Tebow’s name was on the list, and according to a video Tebow just posted on his Facebook page, that was news to him:


Tebow bemoans the fact that “rumors” travel so fast, but it sure seems like at least some people in the Trump campaign were convinced that he would be speaking. Donald Trump’s large son Eric went on Fox News yesterday and mentioned Tebow specifically when touting the big names who would be speaking.

Trump campaing manager Paul Manafort attempted to clear things up on CNN this morning, and he did not do a very good job:


Looks like everyone’s got a good handle on things over there.

Photo via AP