Tim Tebow Will Speak At Republican National Convention

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We knew that Donald Trump wanted a sports contingent at the Republican National Convention, which will go down in Cleveland next week. But after Trump announced their appearances at a rally, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady have distanced themselves from the presumptive GOP nominee, and his reported murderer’s row of sports dickheads has yet to materialize. But who cares about all of that—Trump got Tebow.


The New York Times has obtained the list of speakers at the four-night convention (Night 1 has “a Benghazi focus”), and certainly the biggest name from the sports world is former professional quarterback Tim Tebow, whose devotion to his principles is matched only, perhaps, by his devotion to speaking fees.

We know Trump is a fan of Tebow: in 2012, Trump purchased at auction a signed Tebow jersey and helmet. And paid not with his own money, but with funds raised by Trump’s own nonprofit, something he still hasn’t explained to the public or the IRS.


Tebow won’t be the only sports or sports-adjacent person speaking at the RNC. Newly rich as hell UFC president Dana White will speak on Night 2; golfer Natalie Gulbis, who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and has written about her support of Trump, will speak on Night 3; and Peter Thiel, who is funding attempts to sue the parent company of this very sports website into oblivion, will speak on Night 4, the same night as Tebow.

Here’s the full list of speakers: