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Tim Tebow Waited 16 Minutes And 40 Seconds To Mention Jesus At Today's Press Conference

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Tim Tebow's New York Jets debutante ball is over, and while he (reliably) avoided saying much of anything interesting, doing a quick analysis of the press conference transcript (via closed captioning) may provide some clues as to how the quarterback (?) will adapt to the New York media sphere.


Of primary interest, of course, is Tebow's religious beliefs and how they'll play in godless New York. He had to be provoked into discussing religion, eventually mentioning Jesus nearly 17 minutes into his 32 minute, 47 second-long press conference. Jesus earned only three shout-outs from Tebow, with the "Lord and Savior" prefix finding its way in twice.


Also only coming up under direct questioning? New Jersey, which was only addressed once by Tebow after a specific question about it (to which Tebow immediately added one of his five "New York"s).

More important than Jesus (or New Jersey), at least during today's presser? Coaches, who earned a whopping 26 references. If any clue as to which position Tebow might be playing can be teased from the language he used, look to the occurrences of "quarterback" (seven) versus "football player" (eight). While he never says "Sanchez," Tebow did mention "Mark" twice (and Danny Wuerffel once). While Tebow claims he's eager to "compete" (twice) he never exactly states against whom he plans to be competing.

Above all things, we know that Tim Tebow is "excited" (32 times) about this "opportunity" (16). Only "think" (41) found its way into his speech more than "excited" among non-common words.

Oh, and God? One mention, as he walked off the dais. God bless.

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