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Timberwolves Drama Turns Into Spicy Internet Beef Somehow Featuring Stephen Jackson

Screenshot: Instagram

You’re going to have to put a little effort into keeping up, here, because it involves multiple different social media platforms, and I am getting too old for this shit.

Andrew Wiggins’s brother Nick posted and deleted a tweet that appeared to celebrate Jimmy Butler asking to be traded from the Timberwolves. The only word in the tweet was “Hallelujah.” Jimmy Butler appeared to respond to that tweet later Wednesday afternoon, with a video featuring the word “Hallelujah.” I assume this video has been deleted from Instagram, because I am unable to find it, although I admit that I have never once been able to make any fucking sense at all of that platform. At any rate, here it is in a tweet:


For whatever inexplicable reason, former NBA player Stephen Jackson decided to get involved, posting an extremely strange video, also on Instagram, where he role-plays an imagined conversation between Andrew Wiggins and Nick Wiggins, and takes some very personal and direct shots at Andrew. Here is that video:

Wiggins then took two tries at responding to Jackson’s video. Yes, also on fucking Instagram. The first was a little ambiguous, and seems like maybe it could’ve been directed at Butler:


That, too, was apparently deleted, and was soon replaced with this, which is the exact same thing, only this time more obviously directed at Stephen Jackson:


I assume that too has been deleted or has vanished into whatever hellhole Instagram posts seem to automatically go soon after publication. Whew. Okay. Good talk. Goodnight.

UPDATE: This is still going on!


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